The definitive guide to playing pool in Seoul!

Itaewon is a lot more than just bars and pool. Many have fantastic food specials that players will love.  Find out where to Eat and Play. 



Learn about the pool scene, culture, and communities in Seoul.  I'll tell you about what to expect, and how to get started playing pool in Seoul.


get equipped

Pool Scene in Seoul

Pool is quite popular among locals and expats alike.  The two groups don't always mix because of the language barrier.  I'll show you how to break through that barrier.

Playing pool

Established in 2016, pool in seoul was designed to help the foreign and local pool playing communities in Seoul find great places to play without all the hassle. 

eat and play

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I will show you the locations, addresses, and give you the inside track to great specials at the best places to play pool in Seoul.

Watch great billiards matches on youtube.


I will help you get the best billiard supplies and equipment you need for playing pool in Seoul. 

Where to Play

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