The definitive guide to playing pool in Seoul!

This is me breaking in an 8 ball tournament put on by the Itaewon Pool League.  If you might be interested in joining, learn more here.

Email me at for questions or message me on facebook after joining our group.

Taking the stress out of finding great places to play pool in Seoul.

Hello my name is Paul, and I am a billiard/pool enthusiast that has been living in Seoul since 2006.  It has not always been easy navigating a new city, culture, and language in order to pursue my passion for pool here.  The first problem I had was actually finding a pool hall as there were no listings in English!  I had to ask a Korean friend to find a place for me to play.  I'm here to share my years of experience, contacts, and knowledge to help pool players find great places, instruction, and equipment to play pool in Seoul.