Many Itaewon bars not only have good pool tables, they also have some really attractively priced weekly food specials.  The following incomplete list will give you a general idea of some of the offerings.  I will update these specials as I learn of more.  

(If you represent an Itaewon Bar with a pool table, and would like your specials advertised here, please contact  Also if you see any inaccuracies, please message me as well.)


4,500 for 10 Chicken Wings at JR Pub -


Pulled Pork Plate at JR Pub

2 for 1 fish and chips at Wolfhound Pub -


7,500 won Pizza Day at JR Pub

Wine only 3,500won a glass at Wolfhound Pub


Fried Chicken at JR Pub 6,000 won

10 bone or boneless chicken wings for 4,000 won at Wolfhound Pub


Ribeye Steak at JR Pub for 16,000won

Steak at Wolfhound Pub for 12,000 won

Saturdays / Sundays

All day Irish Breakfast at Wolfhound Pub

Honorable Mentions

Shenanigans - No weekly food specials, but in general good food and a good place to play pool:
Bulldog Pub Happy Hour lasting until 10pm.

Wolfhound Pub has all day brunch specials.  

King Pub has filipino food that is hard to find anywhere else in itaewon.

Eat and Play

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