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Laili Billiard Club

UPDATE 3/23/2021 there are no more pool tables in this location and it is now a showroom.  Kim Pyeong, the owner, is also the main dealer for Peri and Eclat cues in Korea.  You can ask him if you're interested in buying a cue and or accessories.  Found in the basement floor, the room is non-smoking, but there is an enclosed smoking room located inside. 




경기도 평택시 평택동 291-4 
로데오 스타빌딩 지하 1층

Rodeo Star Bldg, B02, B1F, 34, Pyeongtaek 2-ro, 10beon-gil, Pyeongtaek-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Phone 031-8029-9995


The nearest subway stop is Pyeongtek Station on line 1.  If coming from Seoul, remember to take the line 1 subway going towards Byeongjeom or Sinchang instead of Incheon.  At Byeongjeom, you may need to exit and then take the train heading towards Sinchang.  It is less than a five minute walk from exit 1 at Pyeongtek station.  You can also take an ITX train from Yongsan station to Pyeongtek.  If you're driving, the building does have a parking garage and rates are quite cheap at about 1,000 won per hour.  The garage does close at 8pm though so if you want to stay later, you may need to find street parking.    

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