The definitive guide to playing pool in Seoul!

Nu B in Gunja

Nu B opened up in 2019 and is nearby the Gunja subway station (lines 5 and 7) . They have 10 brand new Min tables!  It is a very nice place to play. 


Monday to Thursday 3pm to 2am

Friday 4pm to 4am

Saturday 1pm to 4am

Sunday 1pm to 12pm

Holidays (red days) - 1pm to 12am

Day before holdiays - 3pm to 4am

Jeongek-day (flat rate days) pay 12,000 to play all day (may need to write your name on the board and wait for an open table to play a match):

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays, Holidays (red days), Day before Holidays

From Gunja Station (lines 5 and 7)

Walk out exit 4 for about 400 meters and you will see it on your left. (click on the map below for naver map location)

591 Cheonho-daero, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul B1
구장명: NU B
구장 위치: 서울특별시 광진구 천호대로 591 지하1층 (군자역400m, 아차산역 800m)