The definitive guide to playing pool in Seoul!

Jacqueline in Bangbae 

This is a fantastic pool hall with 12 full sized pool tables and one large carom table.  They have special jeong-ek days where you can play for a flat rate every day of the week!  (make sure to tell them you want jeong-ek day)  On those days it can get quite busy, so you may have to write your name on the board if you want to take part in the special day price.  If you want to play and pay normally for time, they will direct you to a table you can use.  Joo-chan Kim is the owner/manager and is very friendly.  

(Also a great place to get your cuetip changed or leather wrap put on your cue).

Go out exit 3 at Bangbae station line 2.  Walk 1-2 minutes and you will see Jacqueline on your left in the basement floor.  

서울 서초구 방배동 910~12 보령빌딩 지하 재클린
Seoul, Seocho-gu, Bangbae-dong, 910-12 Boryeong Building B1 floor