The definitive guide to playing pool in Seoul!

Itaewon Station can be found on line 6 of Seoul's subway system.  Many bars in Itaewon will have a standard 9 foot sized pool table that you can play on for free as long as you order a drink or food at the bar.  If the table is unoccupied, you can just go ahead and play.  If there are players on the table, you can write your name on the board.  In Itaewon, the winner usually stays on the table, and you can challenge him/her when it is your turn.  It is customary to kindly erase your name from the board after playing.  

The table conditions vary in quality and maintenance, but there are some really fantastic locations to play that I will share with you!  Detailed bar reviews to come.   

If you are representing a bar in Itaewon with a pool table, and are interested in being featured on this site, contact for more information.

Bar Locations:

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